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Junior Cricket at SNCC - 2024

Junior Cricket at SNCC - 2024

Courtenay Mills21 Mar - 18:43
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The weather is warming, the days are lengthening and the rain seems fairly relentless. That can only mean two things: cricket and Wimbledon are nearly upon us.

There have been quite a few changes in the close season, so the remainder of this aims to cover those changes and ready you / your children for the coming 2024 season.


With the arrival of a 4th XI (hard to believe but yes – 4 teams from the village!), we have had to find a second ground. Thankfully, through some funding, we have been granted permission to lay an artificial wicket at the Memorial Ground on the A25 and use the facilities there. This won’t change Friday evening training sessions, but it is there as an option to use it as a weather backup and to accommodate the U9 and U11 matches.

The second piece of news relates to Dynamos. With an U9s, U11s, U13s, U15s and U17s offering this year, we felt it would have been somewhat confusing to offer Dynamos as well. So we would really encourage any Dynamos from last year, or those from All Stars who are now too old for All Stars, to sign up to the U9s, U11s or U13s for the coming year.

Finally, regarding the U17s, Friday training now finishes for this age group and training now integrates with 3’s on a Monday night where Harry will be there to coach. Anyone unable to make Mondays are welcome to train with 2’s on a Thursday night, or even the 1’s on Tuesdays. Any U17’s (or their parents!) who desperately miss Fridays are invited to attend for social purposes, or to help out at the club. We’ve also entered two teams into the Surrey Slam this year. The senior team (Mavericks) will go into the Cup competition, whilst the junior team (Pups), which will mainly be made up from the U17 squad, will go into Plate competition. Sam Abellan is captaining this so please make yourself available to him.


Here is a summary of what is available to you this year:

Under 9s (played with a soft ball)
For boys aged 8 & 9 and girls ages 8 to 10. Matches will take place on Saturday mornings at 09:30

Under 11s (first year introducing a hard ball)
For boys aged 10 & 11 and girls aged 10 to 12. Matches will take place on Sunday mornings at 09:30
Under 13s (played with a hard ball)
For boys aged 12 & 13 and girls aged 13 & 14. Matches will take place on Sunday mornings at 09:30

Under 15s played with a hard ball)
For boys aged 13 & 14 and girls aged 14 & 15. Matches are mainly played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 18:00

Under 17s
For boys aged 15, 16 & 17 and girls aged 16, 17 & 18. The U17 league matches will mainly be played Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 18:00. The Surrey Slam Pups team will play matches on Wednesday evenings at 18:00


Training sessions (excluding the U17s), will continue to take place at the main ground on Friday evenings. The season starts on 10th May and finishes on 12th July. The end of season awards, BBQ, inflatables night (which hopefully won’t include a downpour this year) will be on Friday 19th July

Timings are as follows:

· All Stars – 17:30 to 18:15
· U9s – 17:30 to 18:30
· U11s – 17:30 to 18:30
· U13s – 18:45 to 20:00
· U15s – 18:45 to 20:00
· U17’s - Monday evenings


· GOLD (STUDENT) - £120 which includes all U17s games and unlimited cricket for the adult teams on a Saturday or Sunday. This is available to pay in one lump, over 3 months or over 10 months. This excludes Slam match fees which are £7 per game and any cricket week matches


· JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP - £80 which includes junior games and training only. Payable as a one off, over 3 months or over 10 months.

For the U15s members who are also likely to play in the 3s, 4s and Sunday sides, the GOLD (STUDENT) option is available. This is also £120 and includes all U15s games and weekend games that they may be selected for. Again, this can be paid as a one off, over 3 months or 10 months. This also excludes Slam games which are £7 per game.

U15s who are selected in an adult team can also pay the BRONZE (STUDENT) £7 per game option if that is preferred.


· JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP - £80 which includes junior games and training only. Payable as a one off, over 3 months or over 10 months.


· £70 for the duration of the course

In view of the communication from the ECB regarding All Stars equipment, we have reduced our All Stars cost this year from £80 to £70. A further communication on this from the South Nutfield Cricket Club perspective will follow in due course.


After last year’s success, there will be summer camps this year when junior season ends. More to follow on this.


U17s and any U15s wanting the GOLD membership option can purchase from here:

Make sure to select any of the three GOLD (STUDENT) options. Anyone choosing the BRONZE pay as you go model, will receive a match fee after the game.

U15s, U13s, U11s and U9s options can be purchased from here:

All Stars signs ups and info will follow. The sign up window is presently closed due to the impact of the issues the ECB found surrounding a small proportion of the equipment. We will communicate the sign up link and place it on our website when it is live. 

Whilst we have tried to explain all of the age and cost options available to this year by way of this document, there will undoubtedly be some confusion. We’re happy to answer any questions which should be raised your age group head coach whose details can be found below.


Jim Paulett | 07979 523488

Chris Ottley | 07703 509677

Paul Broddle | 07880 885457

Eddie Quevedo |07853 663682

Duncan Mallison | 07903 721706


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